DeLillo PortraitThe Don DeLillo Society exists for the benefit of readers and scholars of Don DeLillo throughout the world. Two central activities of the Don DeLillo Society are organizing one session at the annual ALA (American Literature Association) Conference and hosting an informal social gathering in conjunction with each ALA Conference. We plan to hold both at the 2000 conference in San Diego. The venue for ALA Conferences alternates between Baltimore, Maryland and San Diego, California.

Society meetings take place both in conjunction with the MLA Conventions and during the ALA Conference. However, in order to allow for full participation of the membership, important votes are done by mail-in ballot. The Society keeps in contact by publishing on its website an annual Newsletter, an annual Don DeLillo Bibliography, and an annual Membership Directory. The Society plans to promote matters of interest to DeLillo scholars and readers: we, for example, intend to obtain a copy of the BBC film Don DeLillo: the Word, the Image, and the Gun (1991) for a showing at an upcoming conference.